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February 25, 2013
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Galaxy Wave Pony Sheet by thesilvermist Galaxy Wave Pony Sheet by thesilvermist
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MLP Hasbro
DO NOT reproduce/redistribute/trace/use/etc. NO TOUCHIE!!!

NO ONE ELSE is allowed to re-post this to the internet, trace/refill my lines, or use this character in any way!

If anyone is role-playing with this character I can guarantee they are not me, they're stealing her, and I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd reported them to the site they are RPing on for theft of art/character, and contacted me too.

edit: I don't know why but coded links aren't working for me today =.= :end edit

So this is what I did with my mini hiatus from commissions. Galaxy Wave was originally made to be sold with my batch of adoptables [link], but I loved her too much so I decided to keep her for myself. Normally I don't put watermarks on top of every character image but I don't want anyone with grabby hands getting any ideas....*glare*
Wanted to do a different layout for this sheet just for the fun of it, I must have spent more time messing with the layout of the images/text, and re-typing what I wanted for text, then I did actually drawing and coloring this. Her story started forming in my head as I did the lines, I'm going to pair her off with my little mutant pony [link] who still needs a sheet AND A NAME and have some fun making story/art of them when I have free time. I have too much fun thinking up stories/backgrounds for all the characters I've made, I wish I had the time to draw all the stories out x.x
BTW the tiger painting is an old art, you can see here [link]. Yes I re-used the adoptable lines to show her blaze but updated the anatomy and expression to evil plotting grin. Head shots include: silly face smushed against screen, rage, and sobbing. Oh and the pouting sit lines are a large chibi, also closest I can get to doing an FIM style. Her star covered body is basically a semi translucent, partial hardness brush set to scatter, transfer, and with a bit of spacing.
I want those outfits so bad, especially the turtleneck dress and half vest *sparkle eyes*

Now for some random babble about the character:

A strange pony who just showed up one day without a voice, a cutie mark, or a name. The young female was given a name by the others around her for her appearance. Galaxy for her star dusted body, and Wave for her thick wavy medium length hair; though some think that part of the name was given for her large headphones that are almost always hanging around her neck blaring music. Everyone assumes she's an earth pony but there's actually a small dark horn hidden amongst her large bangs and she uses the illusion magic it can create quite often; foremost to hide her true cutie mark, which she's kept covered for so long that even she doesn't remember what it looks like.
She will also use her illusions powers to appear as a white shepherd or sled dog with blue eyes, a small black house cat with purple eyes, an anthro form of herself, or feral with different colors. Her alternate colored form has a solid white body with red/pink eyes and hair that is peach, orange, pink, and purple, blaze over body, eyeliner, or star spots. In this form she will put a fake cutie mark on her rump with her powers, an image of a colorful sunset and a bright orange sun behind a ice cream sunday/milkshake glass, she gets called Sunset Sunday in that form. (Her anthro illusion is basically just to cover the anthro reality/world but she is always a true feral, hidden behind the illusion.)

Galaxy Wave -also called Galaxia- is quite a novelty in the town she lives in now, no one there had ever heard of a mute before, and may took an interest in her for it. However the little unicorn has no true friends as no one has put out any true effort to ask her about her past or learn anything personal about her, and they only invite her along for their parties and outings for the novelty or morbid curiosity of her. Though she can be social the little mare generally preferred being alone, and when ever she grows tried of socializing with others -or just out of sheer boredom/for the fun of it- she's use her illusion magic to trick, scare, and confuse others. Many think that there is some odd curse on her for all the weird things they'd see when she's around, and rumors spread that her voice was taken from her as part of that curse. Of cores non of this is true but Galaxia doesn't care what others say or think so she makes no effort to remedy their theories.

The unicorn managed to make money and get a small home on the edge of town by a forest, she lives alone but never really seem to be left alone with all the curious noses poking about. She makes her living using her powers for an odd thing she'd discovered by accident as a foal; her illusions would stick to painting canvas and become real, tangible, permanent paintings. To keep her secret she still buys painting supplies, and even makes some new blends of paint colors herself to sell back to the art store. Galaxy Wave always makes sure no one is around, and that no one could see into her home when she creates her paintings, most of which are commissions by townspeople, or just general work to sell at the town fair.

Though the unicorn usually seems cheerful and upbeat she has had a tragic life, growing up on her own for as long as she could remember and without any one to truly understand her. She also had a shattered dream; a wish to have a voice so she could sing; Galaxia tried very hard to learn to use her illusion magic to give herself a voice but sadly its only a visual illusion and could never give her what she truly wanted. Although she cannot sing, she loves to listen to music, and only turns off her headphones when she goes out to enjoy nature by herself. The mare especially likes taking walks through thunderstorms, and going out to star gaze on clear nights. Galaxy Wave assumed she'd live her entire life alone and misunderstood until she had a run in with a very strange character, the offspring of a dragon and a horse that was the only one to see through her illusions to the real pony, who incidentally was trying to cat her to eat at the time, but that changed quickly.
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Penny-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014   General Artist
She's gorgeous :heart:  
thesilvermist Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
Thank you ^^
TerminalGlow Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A fellow illusionist pony, huh? I read the entire story, I think it's really interesting. c:
Haha, maybe it's a little weird, but I think it would be cool if our characters could meet or be friends or something. xD Lantern Light, my illusionist unicorn, travels a lot so it would be possible. But it would be weird for our characters to know each other with us being total strangers. :o
thesilvermist Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
"If anyone is role-playing with this character I can guarantee they are not me, they're stealing her, and I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd reported them to the site they are RPing on for theft of art/character, and contacted me too."
I don''t RP this character with others and don't ever want to see anyone using/rping with her.
TerminalGlow Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I know, I read that. :/ Yeesh.
EarthsShadow Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
I absolutely love the name and design!
Fairytale5353 Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Braided-n-Bright Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This character is beautiful and really well developed!
thesilvermist Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
Thank you so much ^^ I had a ton of fun working on her.
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